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How Much Training is Too Much or not Enough?

As a personal trainer it is important for me to establish the specific goal my client is wanting to achieve. The next thing to do is find the time that suits both of us to train together followed by additional sessions for them to do on their own, if applicable, to reach their goal.

When programming their sessions, there is always at least one rest day. Sounds ridiculous right! “Must do 7 days, 2 hours per day, maybe twice a day.” This is a common thought process however your body does need the rest day to recover, regenerate and strengthen. Did you know, to avoid over training and the risk of repetitive strain in those who train with high intensity, it is recommended they have a complete week off every 1-2 months (4-9 weeks) to allow for full physical recovery and over compensation of the body and its systems. This week off can consist of light training but that is about it.

So how much is enough?

Depending on what you like to do, for example cardio, strength and conditioning or high intensity, your body doesn’t want to be doing this format of training 5-6 days per week. Your workout weekly plan can be liken to food in that balance is key to results.

Incorporating all formats of exercise, including a good stretch session, will give your body systems the desired health it requires to function and especially allow you to live longer.

So how do we work out our weekly fitness plan?

First set your SMART Goal (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

Second get your weekly calendar out along with the TJ Fit timetable and lay them side by side.

With your goal in mind knowing that you will need to focus more on a cardio based plan or a strength and conditioning focused plan, circle what training sessions you need to do on the timetable and put them into your calendar.

You should aim for 3-4 sessions per week plus the balance doing a session/s on your own AND of course that important rest day.

Here is an example of a client who’s goal is to complete a half marathon


Travelling Circuit in the CBD

Combination of cardio and functional strength exercises


Run With A View

High Intensity Interval Training – although this is focused on short sprint runs, building up heart strength with this form of training will result in increasing fitness level for endurance as well


Distance Run

Slowly build up the distance in kilometres ensuring you taper 10-7 days prior to race day



Build strong bones and ligaments, muscle endurance and a healthy cardiovascular system


Stretch Session

Not to state the obvious but stretching before and after your daily workout session is imperative then if you add in a specific 45-60minute stretch session – either on your own or in a class


Distance Run

Focus on time (if important to reach your goal) on this day.



Light exercise if desired (eg walking)

If strength and body tone is the focus of your goal (my personal favourite ;p), you can switch the Distance Runs to specific weight training sessions with the focus on functional compound exercises – maybe with a splash of isolated exercises every now and again. These can be personal training sessions so you are doing the exercises correctly, pushing your limits to your full potential and you are progressing at the right rate.

If fat loss is what you want to achieve, food is your main focus, with HIIT training as the main focus for your exercise plan then strength and conditioning so Run With A View and Boxing are the sessions to attend along with booking in a personal training session once or twice a week to really get those kilos dropping off.

As you can see there is a bit of everything including that all important rest day, or 'light' day. Each form of exercise works hand in hand to get the result that you desire. I do believe you cannot just do one form of exercise to fully reach the results you desire. You may get there but if you incorporate Stamina, Strength and Stretch you may get there quicker and possibly exceed your goal.

Stay Active in the Season you are in

TJ x

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