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Dream. Goal. Action. Achieve.

Every now and again we forget that we need recharging, a rest, an hour or 2 each week for ourselves. We may be too busy with work, with family, with housework and/or errands before we realise it is the end of the day and we have not stopped to give ourselves a breather.

Dreams can also be translated to be goals, wishes or hopes. Whatever you want to call them, it is time to take action and make it happen. I’m going to call them dreams today as I visualise what dreams I have, if I achieved them or if they are still being chipped away to become reality.

I was watching a clip this week about going out and making our dreams become reality - not having regret that we didn't do something in our lives. It inspired me to write down my dreams that I wish to achieve in my life. Some have time frames, some don't. Some may change, some won't. The key thing is that they are there to be lived, to be acted on, to be achieved.

I have a lot of dreams that I wish to achieve but one thing I do know is that they need to be timed right. Like changing careers to better my life – it took a little longer than planned but I’m living the dream now. Within one dream, another one extends, then another then another. They could change over time as I get older, as life carries me in a different direction or without me knowing it at that moment I wasn't in the right place in my life that I could achieve a particular dream.

Dreams, Goals, Wishes, Hopes – it all comes down to courage and commitment to make it happen.

Dreams can be the simplest of things or more complex.

Simple dreams mean that they can be achieved by just committing to something small each day or week: 1 hour a week to an active class be it aerobics or yoga; 5-10 minutes each morning to meditate; reading a book and finishing it within a week; joining a sports team; daily walk for 30 minutes. These things do not interrupt your day too much and they are achievable if you commit to them.

Then we have dreams that may take a little longer to achieve but we act on it to fulfill the dream: learning a new skill; writing a weekly blog about a topic you are passionate about; training to climb that mountain wher you have visualised yourself at the summit; changing jobs or careers.

A lastly, there are the big dreams: buying home; building a business; starting a family; helping an organisation or charity change the world; changing life partners or taking time out for yourself; being financially stable and then some.

Our dreams carry us through life.

Why not take hold of one dream at a time and turn it into reality?

Start simple.

Then continue to nut away at those bigger dreams to enhance the life you truly want to live.

As we grow older, a lot of the time we don’t regret what we did, but what we didn’t do.

Don’t regret.


Which Dream will you focus on this week?

What Goal will you set to make that dream happen?

How will you put that goal into Action?

When will you Achieve the dream so you can stop dreaming and start living?

Stay Active in the Season you live.....and never let go of your dreams....


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