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24 Hour Treadmill Challenge: 20-21 June 2014

A World Health Organisation (WHO) report done in May 2014 shows suicide as one of the top 3 causes of deaths in adolescents aged between 10 and 19 years.


An estimated 250 people in Australia make a suicide plan every day. An estimated 1000 people in Australia think about suicide every day.


These stats are astounding! I have not personally known anyone who has taken their own life however I do have a personal connection with depression which, some say, leads to how people come to the conclusion that suicide is the only answer/option. We need to reduce these figures with awareness and support.


Myself and many other Plebs, Pros and Personalities ran for Suicide Prevention Australia (PPP4SPA). 




If you would like to seek advice or require assistance please click on the following links or make a call. It only takes one phone call to make a difference.


Suicide Prevention Australia or call 1300 659 467


LifeLine or call 13 11 14


Beyond Blue or call 1300 224 636


Men's Line or call 1300 789 978


Kids Helpline or call 1800 551 800


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