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If you have any questions or would like to join a class, please give me a call on 0404045261 or send me an email on the message board below or visit me via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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Payment Details

Face2Face Group Sessions

Be Committed and Pay in Advance in 4 Week Blocks

TJ Fitters find the most benefits from training consistently twice a week or more.

$20 =1 Session per week

$60 = Unlimited Sessions per Week

All billing occurs in 4 weekly blocks from 28Feb2023.

If you are signing up mid-block, your payment will be prorated to bring

it into line with the next 4 week cycle.

What To Bring To Your Session: own mat and/or towel, water bottle

Terms and Conditions

  • All new clients must complete and return a Personal Profile Form before their first session. If you have answered yes to any of the screening questions on the Profile Form, are male and over the age of 45 or are female and over the age of 55, you must also provide a signed letter from your health care practitioner clearing you for exercise and listing any contraindications.

  • If you bring a child/children to a session, you are responsible for the safety of your child/children. Although we will assist you to supervise your child/children whilst you are exercising, you are ultimately responsible for their safety and, to the extent permitted by law, you withdraw your right to make any claim against TJ Fit or the instructors for any injury or any loss suffered to or in relation to your child/children during the sessions.

  • Please arrive on time for sessions and wear clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in and appropriate training shoes.

  • 24 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel your Personal Training session. If within the 24 hour period, the session will be forfeited. If outside 24 hours, every effort will be made to reschedule a make-up session within the same week.

  • Please always bring a towel and a water bottle to sessions. Ensure that you are properly hydrated and it is best not to have eaten a substantial meal within two hours of your sessions. A piece of fruit prior will give you the energy (and fuel) to work through your session.

  • If you have purchased a “one session a week” package and are unable to attend your allocated session time then you may join an alternate session time during the same week or within the 4 week payment block. Unused sessions may not be credited to the next 4 week block. The reason is simple – by paying for and agreeing to complete the sessions in a specific period of time you are entering into a commitment with yourself. Knowing that you will not be credited for missed sessions (while having the option of the flexible attendance pattern) will help to ensure that you make a real commitment to your training over the 4 week block. Please note that this policy will be strictly adhered to.

  • TJ Fit reserves the right to change or cancel session if necessary. In the event of a session being cancelled or altered every effort will be made to avoid inconvenience by offering alternative dates/times.

  • Method of payment for sessions is by credit card (via PayPal or at the session at the beginning of each 4week block) or direct deposit only via invoice.

  • Photos and videos will be taken during Group Training Sessions for marketing purposes (includes Social Media). Please advise at the time of filming if you wish not to be filmed. NOTE: This may include children participation. No filming will take place during Personal Training sessions unless permission is granted from client/s.

To reserve your place in a session, contact Trainer Tara via the message board and fill in a Personal Profile Form


Please refer to Terms and Conditions

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