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Outdoor Circuit & Strength Sessions


I've been training with Tara for more than a year now and my health and fitness level has improved a lot. It's wonderful to do exercise outdoors with Tara. She is a great trainer!

Noriko - a TJ Fit Luscious Lady since 2014

Using functional body weight exercises is the best form of training for an all-over-body strength and tone workout.


What does "functional exercises" mean?

This is a term related to exercises that involve training the body for activities performed in daily life. Below are a few examples of activities in our daily life and what functional exercises we can combine using the elements of balance, stability, strength and stamina to increase fitness levels, tone the body and burn calories.

Daily Life

Picking up items

Making the bed

Putting on clothes

Playing with the children

Transferring groceries from trolley to car

Walking up/down stairs

Functional Exercise

Squat, Lunge

Deadlift, Lateral Raise, Cobra

Single Leg Balance, Bosu Balances

Interval Training, Stretches

Woodchop, Lateral Medicine Ball Throw

Step ups, Bosu lunge


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