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BONUS! The fitness bodies of Austraila are working with a number of health funds to assist our nation in getting fit and healthy. They continue to pursue avenues for the health fund members to claim personal training services.

If you are a NIB member, depending on your memberships entitlements, you can claim against Personal Training Services.

If you are a member with HCF, medical referral is required for PT services.

Please let Tara know which fund you are in 

Lets Get Personal

Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

When we feel the need to improve our health and fitness, in many cases we consider hitting the gym to keep off those extra kilograms and increase our fitness. However we may not know what to do when we get inside - this is when it is a good time to hire a personal trainer.


Trainer Tara understands the way the human body moves therefore with her knowledge and experience, you are in good hands on your fitness journey.


She works in the great outdoors, utilising the beautiful surrounds of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


Different terrain allows for variety and challenges.


The fresh air of the outdoors gives get clean oxygen into the lungs and settles the mind.


Generally, what can be done in the gym can be modified to outdoor environments so why not try it?!


What to look for in a personal trainer


Are they trained?

This seems obvious however there are trainers out there who are not properly trained and has the specific qualifications. Look for a trainer who has studied with a reputable education facility with up-to-date CPR and First Aid training plus who is registered with an industry recognised company. 

Tara graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness; has current CPR and First Aid certificates and is a registered business with Fitness Australia.



Are they specialised?

A 20 year old healthy woman has different goals and needs compared to a 75 year old osteoporotic male. Trainers need to understand these differences and cater to each person’s specific needs. If a trainer specialises in an area of training, there is better understanding.

Tara specialises in functional exercises using regression or progression exercises as appropriate to each individual client’s needs and goals. 



Industry experience

We all learn more with experience - fitness is no different. A trainer who has had no fitness experience, personal or within industry, may not be the person to guide you to reach your goals safely. A trainer with experience has the knowledge to make a difference in a safe environment.

Tara has many years of personal fitness experience which is why she has formalised it with a qualification.


Client Referrals and Success Stories

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. If a trainer is happy to share their references and success stories, this means their clients back them up and enjoy the services offered.

Tara can be found on LinkedIn where she has been endorsed by many.

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to Tara therefore client details are not given out unless permission is given by the client. Therefore un-named success stories are occasionally posted on TJ Fit social media sites.



Social Media outlets

These days, the internet and social media sites are the first point of access to services and purchases. If a personal trainer updates a social page with links, events, photos, newsletters and/or blog comments, it shows they take that extra time to keep clients updated and that they are passionate about people's health and fitness.

TJ Fit has a Facebook page and #tjfit on Instagram



Can you try before you buy?

Don't be afraid to ask questions or contact me for a free session. Trainers and clients spend a lot of one-on-one time together so it is important that you like each other and your philosophy in health and fitness relate.

TJ Fit offers a free assessment and goal setting session before training begins. This allows the client to see the professionalism and personality of Tara. It also gives the client the opportunity to ask any questions so they are 100% comfortable.



Continued Education

As with most industries, changes occur and new studies are done so injury is avoided. Does your trainer stay updated on the new trends, along with an annual CPR update, 3-yearly First Aid qualification and further education courses?

Personal development is very important to Tara who is up to date with all mandatory industry qualifications. She attends courses and conferences to increase her knowledge on health, wellbeing and specialised training trends. Ongoing research is constant so new exercises are tried and tested before programming to clients.

Tara is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to her craft of Personal Training.

She makes you feel like a person, not a number.

Not only does she run effective outdoor interval training sessions but she is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals through nutritional and lifestyle advice.


The outdoor training sessions are challenging, motivating and fun with that personal care, instruction and attention given by Tara.

Plus giving benefits of vitamin D, fresh air, training on different surfaces and social connections with other members that you don't seem to get at the gym.


Tara keeps every training session interesting by applying her knowledge and expertise and putting 100% effort into her preparation and delivery.


I recommend TJ Fit for anyone who wants to meet their fitness goals, challenge themselves and feel part of a team at the same time.


Thank you Tara and TJ Fit for helping me in my journey to fitness, health and wellness.





Vanessa Anderson

member since April 2015

How long will it take to reach goals?

A trainer should give a realistic time frame with no quick fixes guaranteed. If a trainer guarantees you will drop 2 clothes sizes in 2 weeks, the training methods may be questionable and unsafe. It takes time and commitment to make changes.

Tara works with you to reach your goal. Starting with what your end goal is and breaking it down into shorter term periods, this allows for a goal review and training adjustments as required.  



Insurance is a must!

This keeps everyone safe - both client and trainer.

Tara is insured with MARSH Insurance.



Why TJ Fit?

Tara is passionate about making changes to your body and health. Tara trains in the beautiful outdoor location of the Maroubra Beach area where fresh air calms the mind, shelter provides for all-weather training and different terrain allows for variety in your work-out. Tara's focus is on her clients, not herself therefore your goals are her goals. As a team you will work together is achieve results.




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