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TJ Fit on line classes have exceeded expectations.  I’ve turned my lounge room into a sweat box doing morning sessions with Tara.  Each day is different incorporating both cardio and strength training, whilst in the comfort of my home.  I didn’t expect my energy levels to improve the way they have and there remains focus on technique just like working face to face. It’s been a surprising positive change.  

~ JoAnn

~ TJ Fitter since 2017

We find Tara’s at-home workouts more effective than our routine gym visits as she seamlessly weaves strength, cardio, and flexibility training. Tara tailors her workouts for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or are used to working out 7 times a week.

Daniel, who plays competitive soccer and tennis, finds that the results from Tara’s workouts yield a unique competitive edge. Especially during this time of social isolation in New York City, it’s so important for us to set time aside to focus on exercise.

While equipment isn't a requirement, one can optionally add a little extra weight to the exercises. I've used wine bottles as a form of resistance (I’m sure we all have a couple of those lying around)!

We are so grateful to Tara for providing these Zoom workouts during these hectic times!

~ Kenzie & Daniel from New York City

~ TJ Fitters since 2020 during Covid-19 Lockdown


Our online/zoom sessions with Tara have set us up for an active day. It has got my kids and I up and outside and this has been so good for our mental health during these times and has eased us into coping well in week 4 and 5 of our lock down. It has given us routine for our day as after our session we go for a walk and a play in the park, come home and do activities till lunch time. Fabulous morning start. My kids have loved the activities and Tara has been so inclusive and supportive of their involvement. 

Has given us a new entry to fitness at home. Definitely want to continue with or without lockdowns! Just need to get the hubby on board now!!


~ Nicky

~ TJ Fitter since 2018

I really love the Core Yoga and Meditation at the end of the session. Your whole demeanour changes and it is really lovely. You are the perfect balance of Torcher Queen and Kindness / Compassion when you work with your students. That's exactly how I taught my classes, I think it's why I love yours so much.

~ Nat

~ TJ Fitter since 2020 (and a qualified Yogi !)

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