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Welcome to Active Seasons

I am very excited to introduce you to the Active Seasons blog. My name is Tara Jayne and I run an outdoor fitness business within the beautiful areas of the Eastern Suburbs of stunning Sydney Australia.

My goal for this blog is to create a balance between health, fitness, the outdoors and the seasons we live in.

As summer approaches, that means the commencement of a new fitness term with TJ Fit and fitness means a different thing to many people. Some just want to move and stay active, some are competitive and wish to have a bit of a challenge added to their workouts while others love the social aspect to group classes.

As a fitness trainer, my challenge is to cater for everyone's needs which is why at the beginning of each term I like to do (what I call), a fitness test...but it is really a measurement of your progression and setting a goal for yourself.

Be it my circuit classes, interval sprints or personal training sessions, everyone has the opportunity to set a benchmark for themselves - and there is always room for improvement no matter your level of fitness. For those who prefer the social aspect of the sessions, it turns into their weekly workout, for those more competitive it is a challenge against their own self because at the end of the term, the same "test" is done and their goal is to ensure they have improved their number of push-ups, gained core strength in their plank and/or picked up the pace in their sprints.

In life, we set goals. For many years my girlfriends and I had a Christmas dinner where we would enjoy a 3 course menu prepared and served by one of us then after dessert, we were given a piece of paper, envelope and pen to write a list of what we wanted to achieve the following year. Granted finding love featured quite frequently but so did own property, be successful, be financially stable, run a business, travel more, increase our time with family, call mum more often - these were are yearly goals....our "To Do Lists" if you will.

List in envelope.

Seal it.

Name and year written on front.

Handed over to dinner host.

Then at the following Christmas Dinner 12 months later, hosted by someone else, the previous host brought the letters. We opened them to see what we had actually achieved. It was our choice to share what we had written and achieved - sometimes we would only say a couple of points, sometimes nothing.

Setting goals for your health and fitness is no different. It is your body and you only have one, so improvement, testing your limits, setting goals for your wellbeing is as important as your financial future, as important as your relationship status, your happiness, as calling your mother!

What goals will you set this month?

Be Active in the Season you are in.

Tara Jayne xx

Image by Australian Organic

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