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How Grounded Are You?

This week I caught up with holistic wellness coach Scott from Get Grounded to discuss his workshop on MINDFUL NOURISHMENT being held on Saturday 15

October at 4pm in Redfern.

As Spring in Australia turns into Summer, we are all thinking about our body image; what foods we should be eating and when; how much we should (and shouldn’t) be drinking; why we do this exercise and not do that one; the reason we need to put a value on food and how we label the food we intake. We constantly play self-inflicted mind games about the food we eat and the exercises we do and wonder why it’s not working, why we seem to be stressed all the time, how the children are in bed before you arrive home from work….it goes on and on. Scott's mission is to enhance your knowledge about HOW you eat and not TOLD the what/why/when which is constantly being drilled into us. In additional to this, the importance of learning to listen to your body and understanding what it wants – which doesn’t mean going on that diet you saw in a magazine or current affair show but slowing down and figuring out what works now…what the body needs now may well be different to what it needed 12 months, or 2 years ago for example.

There is something to be said about how we live our life and what may be missing. Our mindset can easily be led to what is missing in life, to gravitating to those things in food. Your life is full of happiness – are you indulging in sweet things? Your life is a little stressful at present – how was that convenient microwave meal last night? You mindset is a bit low – how are those sour grapes?

There is a saying most people are familiar with “Art imitates Life”; in terms of Mindful Nourishment I think the saying is more like “Food imitates Life”, especially when done at a pub!

Having a Masters Degree in Physical Education and Health along with becoming a Master Trainer in 2003, Scott has a wealth of experience spanning more than 15 professional years. This is in addition to his personal experience growing up in the US and being involved with numerous sports, in particular training for national titles in wrestling where he had to be on a strict training and nutrition program for peak performance. Today, Scott reflects back on those intense training days over a 4 year period where his main meals consisted of rice and pasta – because that was the food his body required for him to achieve his goals. For the record, Scott did reach his wrestling goals by becoming a 4 time All-American and 2 time National Champion….as for now, his perception on life and the balance it deserves is on the forefront of how we can enjoy being alive much more.

Previously working in an environment that set ‘challenges’ for a short period then, well, left clients to their own device without following up or guiding them to maintain the results they had just achieved, Scott felt there was a need for life balance and education – enter the birth of GetGrounded, a wellness tool where you can be guided into living a better life, to Get Grounded. Working through what is happening in your life and without being told what to do, Scott sets action plans for his clients to enable them to see things in a different light without answering questions himself. It is all about you and your needs to improve the way you live and think. This action plan, or homework, needs to be done before your next chat so it can be discussed in a call or meeting with Scott in three to five days.

So what action plan have you set to have a happy, healthier life balance?

How do you Get Grounded?

If you are in Sydney, you can start by going to the Mindful Nourishment workshop on Saturday 15 October at 4pm. Pre-purchase tickets here for $44.95 or at the door for $50. This interactive workshop will leave you going away thinking about how food and your body work together to better your life, physically and mentally. Don’t go home empty handed by receiving action plans so book your spot, arrive early to grab a drink at the bar before moving into the back room of the Lord Raglan.

If you are not in Sydney, contact Scott for a free initial consultation via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Get Grounded with Scott and stay Active in the Season you are in.

PS What's in Season this month below

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