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The Active Seasons Program's are all about starting a routine within the season you are in, changing habits, scheduling time for you, moving your body correctly and training your mind to achieve what you want to get out of life.

What you will receive in your Inbox for the 3 months* of each Season:-

  • Suggestions and Recommendations on Moving Well, Dining Well and Thinking Well

  • Weekly 'homework' exercise program that allows your body to build it's muscle strength by shaping and toning without 'bulking up'; increase your heart rate to burn calories and maintain a healthy ticker; trunk activation for a stable and agile body and stretch movements so you can enhance your flexibility to avoid injury

  • Progress Reports and Photo Updates by you and your fellow Active Season'ers (subject to the permission of participants)

  • Goal Setting - Short and Long Term

  • Measurement Guide so you can see your progress throughout the Season you are in

  • Invitation to join the Active Seasons secret Facebook Group^


* the number of weeks may vary from season to season. Program starts on the 1st day of the first seasonal month and finishes on the 28th, 30th or 31st day of the last seasonal month.

^ 1 month after completion of the program, the group will be inaccessible 

If you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and need a bit more motivation with face-to-face training, upgrade and receive

  • 4 x sets of Body Measurements, Weight Measurement, Progress Photos, Fitness Evaluation and Consultation performed by Trainer Tara at week 1 and 6

  • 2 x 45 minute Evening Outdoor Group Training Sessions (weekly Monday and Wednesday evenings at Maroubra Beach* area)

* limited spots available due to council regulations. Sign up today to avoid disappointment.


One-on-One Personal Training is available at an additional cost. Please contact Tara for more details regarding availability.



Between 1 March and 31 May, we have either stuck to our resolutions or have them fallen by the wayside, we get back into routine (sometimes not always a good routine) and as the temperature begins to drop we come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid exercising. 

Autumn is a season to embrace so you have 3 months to work on your work/life balance including getting into the routine of moving the body. Signing up to the Active Seasons Autumn Program gives you the guidance, the reminders and the support to assist you in changing your lifestyle to a more healthier, fitter you.

Ask yourself the below questions and think about how the Autumn season and your health goals for 2018, in conjunction with the Active Seasons Program, can assist you in obtaining results to better your lifestyle.

How is your weight going on the scales?

Did you chose your menu wisely throughout the winter?

When was the last time you set goals?

Were you as active in winter as you were throughout the rest of the year?

What day of the week do you give to yourself?

The Autumn program is the perfect opportunity to be mindful of what you dine on as the cooler temperatures tempt you with "comfort food", it allows you to work on obtaining a healthy lifestyle and gives you the best chance of living longer in just 12 weeks.

Active Seasons Autumn Program


Thursday 1 March 2018

Register today and payment options will be sent to you via email.


Please read the Terms and Conditions here

prior to registering

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