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Disc Dash

Brazilian Fields

Centennial Park

Disc Dash focuses on agility, flexibility, skill, co-ordination and balance, plyometrics, communication, power and cardiovascular endurance in a team environment using fair play as the core learning skill. There are no referees!

The field dimensions are half the size of a soccer field. This gives teams of 7 on-field players space to edge their way toward the goal net.

The 45 minute game is made of up 2 x 20 minute blocks with a 5 minute half-time. Change of ends occurs for the second half.

Disc Dash will be played during the Spring and Summer months only (ie. Daylight Saving hours) 

Rules of the Game

  • On the field of play each team comprises of 7 players with a maximum of 10 in a team and minimum 4 on the field (including 2 females and a goalkeeper). There can be only 1 player acting as goalkeeper in front of the net. All other defensive players must be minimum 5 metres away from the goal net. Unlimited substitutions are allowed at any time during play.

  • After coin toss for first possession, players of the defensive team line up at half way and throw the disc towards the attacking team which is 10m in front.

  • During play the disc may be thrown in any direction therefore no off-side rule.

  • Similar to an AFL ’mark’, once the disc is caught a free throw is awarded. Defensive players must be 5m from the player in possession of the disc. Note this is a 'minimal' contact sport to gain possession. Likened to touch football there is no tackles, tripping or charging permitted.

  • Running is not permitted with the disc in hand and on receiving it, it must release it within ten seconds. The closest defensive player counts the 10 seconds out loud.

  • The attacking team loses possession if the disc touches the ground, goes out of play, the disc is handed to a team member and not thrown and/or if the defensive team catches it. Automatic change of possession occurs after 6 throws - each player must say the number of throws out loud as they catch it.

  • In the case of an unsuccessful intercept, the attacking team resumes possession with the throw count restarting at 0.

  • 1 point is scored when the disc is thrown through the goal net. If the goal is missed and goes out of play, the defensive team now becomes the attacking team and restarts play 10 metres from the backline.

  • After each point is scored, restart play at half way with the scoring team throwing the disc

  • A game is won by the team scoring the most points.

Teams are to be mixed gender and children* over the age of 10 are welcome. 

5.30pm-6.00pm Training session and warm up/practice

6.00pm-6.45pm Game Time

Clcik here for location

*TJ Fit holds no responsibility for children. Parents are to be mindful of their own children.